6 Culinary Herbs Unexpectedly Perfect for Baking

EEliza September 14, 2023 10:27 AM

When most people think about baking, they often consider common ingredients like flour, sugar, and baking powder. But what about herbs? Yes, you read it right! Herbs are not just for savory dishes, they can also be a game-changer in your baking. Here are six culinary herbs that can unexpectedly enhance your baking experience.


Rosemary might not be the first herb that comes to mind when you think about baking, but its pine-like flavor can add an exciting twist to your baked goods. It pairs well with citrus flavors and chocolate. Try adding some chopped rosemary to your next lemon cake or chocolate chip cookies for a unique flavor.


Mint is a common herb in sweet dishes, especially when paired with chocolate. However, it's also excellent in other baked goods. Consider adding mint to a batch of brownies or a strawberry tart.


Basil and sweets may sound like an odd combination, but this herb brings a refreshing twist to desserts. Try it in a strawberry basil pie or a basil-infused white chocolate mousse.


Thyme’s subtle earthy flavor can bring a depth of flavor to your baked goods. It's especially delicious when paired with fruits like peaches and plums. Try a peach thyme galette or plum and thyme cake.


Lavender is a traditional herb in many sweet dishes, especially in French cuisine. Its floral notes can give your baked goods an elegant and unique flavor. Try it in a lavender-infused cake or a batch of lavender shortbread cookies.


Sage might seem like a strange choice for baking, but its unique flavor can work surprisingly well in sweet dishes. Try a sage and apple cake or sage-infused biscuits.

And those are the six unexpected culinary herbs perfect for baking. Don't be afraid to experiment with these herbs in your baking. They can bring exciting, bold, and unique flavors to your baked goods.

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