A deep dive into the world of tarts and quiches

NNicholas August 22, 2023 12:12 PM

If you have a sweet tooth or a love for savory, tarts and quiches have got you covered. This article will take you through a journey of their rich history, various types, essential ingredients, and provide tips to help you bake the perfect tart or quiche.

History of tarts and quiches

Tarts and quiches have a long history dating back to medieval times. The word 'tart' comes from the French word 'tarte', which was derived from the Latin word 'torta', meaning a round cake. Tarts were often filled with meat or fruit and were considered a delicacy among the nobility.

Quiches, on the other hand, originated from the region of Lorraine in France. The term 'quiche' comes from the German word 'kuchen', meaning cake. The classic Quiche Lorraine is a custard pie filled with bacon, cheese, and spices.

Understanding the difference

So, what exactly is the difference between a tart and a quiche? While they may look similar, tarts are often sweet and filled with fruit, custard, or nuts. Quiches, however, are typically savory and made with a custard base that includes eggs and cream, and are often added with cheese, meat, or vegetables.

Types of tarts and quiches

Over time, numerous variations of tarts and quiches have emerged. Here are some popular ones:

  1. Fruit tart: Filled with fresh fruit and a creamy custard base.

  2. Custard tart: A sweet tart filled with a simple custard mixture.

  3. Chocolate tart: A dessert tart with a rich chocolate filling.

  4. Quiche Lorraine: A classic quiche with bacon and cheese.

  5. Vegetarian quiche: A quiche filled with a variety of veggies and cheese.

  6. Meat quiche: A hearty quiche with different types of meat.

Tips for baking tarts and quiches

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced baker, these tips will help you bake a perfect tart or quiche:

  • Always pre-bake your crust to prevent it from getting soggy.

  • For a flaky crust, keep your dough cold and don't overwork it.

  • For quiches, always add your fillings after the custard to prevent them from sinking to the bottom.

  • For tarts, if you’re using a sweet filling, consider adding a layer of chocolate to the crust to keep it crisp.

Tarts and quiches recipes

Ready to start baking? Here are a few easy quiche and tart recipes to get you started:

These recipes will help you explore the delicious world of tarts and quiches, and maybe even inspire you to create your own unique variations.

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