6 aromatic herbs that will transform your baking

NNicholas October 23, 2023 7:06 AM

Baking is an art that involves a good understanding of ingredients and how they interact with each other. One way to elevate your baking and introduce new flavors is by incorporating herbs. Aromatic herbs can impart a unique dimension to your baked goods, creating a delightful blend of tastes and aromas. In this article, we will explore 6 aromatic herbs that will utterly transform your baking.

What are aromatic herbs?

Aromatic herbs are plants with fragrant or flavorful leaves. They are often used in cooking to enhance flavor and add a pleasing aroma to dishes. While most commonly used in savory dishes, these herbs can also work wonders in sweet treats, lending them a unique and exciting flavor profile.

Why use herbs in baking?

Herbs can add a fresh and unexpected flavor to your baked goods, elevating them from ordinary to extraordinary. They can bring a depth of flavor, a pop of color, and a wonderful aroma, transforming your baking and making it more appealing.

The 6 aromatic herbs that will transform your baking

  1. Rosemary: This evergreen herb with needle-like leaves is known for its aromatic and slightly lemony pine flavor. It pairs well with citrus flavors and is excellent in shortbread cookies and focaccia bread.

  2. Thyme: Thyme has a subtle, dry aroma and a slightly minty flavor. Its delicate taste makes it a perfect herb for sweet cakes and pastries, particularly when combined with lemon.

  3. Basil: Basil is not just for pasta! Its sweet, slightly peppery flavor can be a great addition to strawberry and cream-based desserts.

  4. Mint: Mint is a classic herb used in many dessert recipes. Its refreshing, cool flavor pairs perfectly with chocolate, fruit, and cream-based desserts.

  5. Lavender: Often associated with soaps and lotions, lavender can also be used in baking. Its sweet, floral flavor works well in cakes, cookies, and pastries, especially when combined with lemon or honey.

  6. Sage: Sage has a slightly peppery flavor with hints of mint. It's a bit stronger than other herbs, so it's best used sparingly in dishes that can handle its robust flavor, like pumpkin or squash bread.

How to use herbs in baking

When using herbs in baking, start with a small amount and adjust to taste. Fresh herbs are usually more potent than dried ones, so adjust the quantity accordingly. Chop herbs finely to release their aromatic oils and evenly distribute their flavor throughout the baked goods.

Remember, baking with herbs is all about creativity and experimentation.

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